The Best Winter Sports For Fitness

best winter sports

Best Winter Sports to Keep Fit

It can be tempting to hide under the blankets, but winter is usually one of the best seasons of the year. This season has too much to offer for not only those who are looking to have fun but also those looking to remain fit through enjoyable means.

So, whether you are taking a holiday vacation or staying in the country, attempting some adventurous activities in the cold through winter sports can be an excellent idea.

That said, here are some of the best winter sports that will help you stay fit.


Skiing is undoubtedly the best winter sport of all time. It can be the downhill or the cross country type. The latter is ideal for people with high endurance or for those who want to achieve it. Cross-country skiing can burn as much as 600 calories an hour and strengthens the glutes, calves, thighs, biceps as well as triceps.

If you just want to experience short energy bursts, then downhill skiing should be the first on your list. It is ideal since you will only have to go extreme skiing for five minutes or less.

Downhill skiing can also strengthen certain muscles, but it requires more core strength and flexibility.


For people who want to experience extreme speed and adrenaline rush, snowboarding is perhaps the best winter sport to try. There’s nothing more exhilarating than stepping on a board an gliding down the mountain.

Snowboarding necessitates the action of the leg muscles and so, ensure that you are fit enough to perform this one. However, snowboarding improves your flexibility and agility.

Ice Skating

Sequined costumes and charming choreograph moves are perhaps what comes to mind when you hear ice skating, but this can be changed when you hear ice skates. Most people think of ice skating more of something to enjoy during winter than a sport, but it is really both. Ice skating can also be an effective cardio workout, particularly if you like speed coasting and skating.

It ideally does much in building the lower back muscles as well as the abdomen and leg muscles. If you do it on a regular basis, you’ll have improved flexibility, agility and balance.

Ice Hockey

If you like being in a group, then hockey might be the best sport for you during winter. Just like ice skating, it offers numerous benefits, but it needs more upper body strength to control the stick. If you don’t own hockey equipment, you can easily rent them out or look for some buying guides like best skate reviews to help make a decision. Regular ice hockey sessions not only improve your speed but your strength and endurance as well.


Curling has become of the most popular winter sports among enthusiasts although it has been there for a while. In this winter sport, participants need to slice stones into the target that’s usually placed across the ice. The target is often segmented into 4 rings. The sport may sound quite easy, but it can be quite hard as you need to push the rocks near the target’s center.

All these winter sports are worth the shot. Just remember to exercise safety as they make you prone to physical injuries.


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